Jeep Tire Services Richmond VA

Jeep Tire Services Richmond VA

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Your tires are the one thing connecting you to the road. With such an important job, it's essential to take good care of your tires to ensure they have adequate tread life to maintain traction and can carry your vehicle's load. Simply checking your tires can make a huge difference in the life of your tires. When you check your tires, be sure to check the tread depth, air pressure and make sure there isn't any rotting or cracking. The expert technicians in the Pearson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram service center will help make sure your tires are always safe and road-ready. We'd like to provide you with a few tips to keep your tires in good condition longer and keep you and your passengers safe. Continue reading to learn more!

Monitor Tire Pressure

It is recommended to check your tire pressure once each month to ensure the tires are not over or underinflated. Underinflation causes the tire to have a larger surface area that touches the pavement, causing the tires to wear prematurely. Overinflation causes the tread to expand, causing quick and uneven wear to the tire's road surface. If you don't know your tires recommended pounds per square inch, you can find it on the placard in your driver's door jamb.

Tire Rotations and Balancing

With most of your vehicle's weight usually being in the front end, the front tires wear faster than the rear tires. To counteract this, it's recommended to rotate your tires roughly every 5,000 miles. Tire imbalance can cause a rough ride due to a vibration in one or more of the tires. This can be in the form of a slight steering wheel shake or a vibrate felt throughout the whole vehicle.

Wheel Alignments

The outside tread whisks water away from the inner tread to maintain good traction in inclement weather, making protecting the outer tread of your tires is just as important as protecting the surface that touches the road. Three specifications affect your wheel alignment. The first is camber, the vertical angle of the tire. The negative camber makes the top of the wheel lean in while the bottom puckers out, while the positive camber has the opposite effect. The second is the horizontal angle of your tire, called the toe. If your wheel's toe is in or out, it can cause a dragging effect, causing uneven wear and decreased gas mileage. Last is the caster, which is the angle of your steering axis. Every manufacturer has a precise degree of caster required to maintain good traction and even tire wear.

Have Your Tires Serviced at Pearson CDJR

There are a handful of ways to keep your tires in good shape. And while it may seem like a lot, tire pressure checks, rotations, balancing, and wheel alignment are simply regular maintenance here at Pearson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Here, our expert technicians will give your tires the proper care they deserve and advise you when your tires are due to be replaced. If this is the case, we have a large selection of tires, so you can be sure to get the perfect tire for your car at the right price. Come on down to Pearson CDJR to make sure you get the best life out of your tires and stay safe on the road. We look forward to serving you!

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